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Crown Micro Global provides Energy Solutions and Services. We contribute our value to your sustainable future!

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In 30 years history of CMG, we established a robust and trustworthy name & teamed as a member of the well-known SADITA Holding LTD. Devotion and progressive diligence is the first thing we set into our products to supply you with the finest.
Crown micro Global maintained the legacy of being prosperous and to create an influence, kept the hard work on and aimed to expand it all over the globe. Consequently, the time frame of 30 years made CMG to mark its name in the market of United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bangladesh.

Crown Micro Global collaborates with more than 500 business clients around the world and is recognized as an international brand. With enthusiastic vision and team efforts, CMG has built its brand name worldwide by providing uncompromising and sustainable product quality with excellent work efficiency.

Providing Value To Our ClientsThrough Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Crown Micro Global owns quality products – where each unit is a masterpiece of innovation and technology. Impressive variety of advanced solar ON-GRID, OFF-GRID and HYBRID inverters, Online and Offline UPS, Solar Panels, wide range of batteries and many more.

Our Mission

Crown Micro Global is a solution-based company. We aim to connect you with products and tools to reduce your utility costs.

Our Mission is to:

Provide the most reliable and cost-saving innovative energy solutions under one roof.

Responsibly to provide you with the latest and updated technology in the market.

Develop a competent and highly experienced multi-disciplinary technical team that enables the operation of high-quality renewable energy solutions, accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.


Our Vision

Energy -Matters! Our Vision – to be a trusted provider of sustainable, affordable and efficient energy source.

We are here for you:

To be a leading center of research and development in supplying renewable power and energy efficient technologies

To be a vender of affordable energy solutions accessible to everyone

To be an independent renewable energy advisor and reliable source of industry updates directly from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Consult & Planning

Our highly skilled professionals, guide the clients thoroughly about all the available solutions and products, taking into consideration, the demands and needs of their residence, office, or industry.

Our consultation assures:

The application and authenticity of proposals through excellent, farsighted, and cautious planning.

The ethics and consistency while dealing with all the concerns and queries of our worthy clients.

That our client’s satisfaction is our priority and their trust is our preference.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time +97148839373